Our Company t

American Legend is the world's oldest fur auction house.  Today, American Legend is a world leader in the marketing and promotion of fur products. American Legend is the exclusive outlet for American Legend® mink, the finest quality mink in the world.  We also offer European mink, North American wild fur, and North American and European farm fox.  American Legend was also the first American auction house to offer Russian sable. American Legend is owned entirely by American mink producers.
Our Product

Indigenous to North America, mink have been ranch-raised here for over a century.  Over time, a tradition of superior research, innovation and genetics has evolved American mink production into the pinnacle of the world’s fur industry.  American Legend prides itself in offering the world’s finest fur: American Legend® mink.  American Legend is North America’s largest fur auction house, selling over 70% of the North American mink crop annually.  Each year, American Legend offers the world’s largest collection of North American mink, averaging 2 to 2.5 million pelts annually.  North America produces 10-12% of the world’s entire mink crop.  North American mink have a shorter nap, are finer in quality, and are preferred in the world’s traditional and emerging markets.
Our Staff

Our expert fur technicians possess over 200 years of combined experience in the preparation, sorting and grading of furs.  At American Legend, furs are expertly prepared to meet the buyer's specifications.  Each fur is sorted by color, quality, nap, size and specific buyer guidelines.  We fully understand the market-driven nature of quality grading and strive, through constant market research and communication, to set the standards for the preparation and sale of the world’s finest mink.

Located in the thriving Seattle metropolitan center, American Legend is poised on the vital Pacific Rim and ready to lead our time-honored industry into the 21st Century.  Our knowledgeable staff consists of the best and brightest in the industry.  Our experience and mastery of international banking, worldwide marketing, warehousing, shipping and import/export complexities places American Legend at the helm of the world’s fur industry.
Our Services

Although over a century old, American Legend is every bit the most modern, efficient and technologically advanced fur auction facility in the world.  Located in expansive facilities covering over 40,000 square meters, American Legend is state-of-the-art in every way.  Our systems for record and receipts, invoicing and payment, and shipping and receiving are accurate, efficient and cost effective.

American Legend provides an exceptional environment for conducting the business of buyer inspection and sale.  Our inspection area is both spacious and comfortable, and our auctions are time-efficient, market sensitive and fair.  To add to the efficiency and ease of business, there are fax machines and phones available to buyers, and a working environment that is relaxed and professional.